Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fantasy Football 101

I've played Fantasy Football since I was knee high to Shaq (16). One of the first things anyone asks another owner is "Who are you going after?".

To be honest, I always tell them a Running Back. I'm not foolish enough to name names, and I certainly won't let you pick my guy and hold him for ransom.

One reason or another, I always pick a Running back in the first 4 rounds. All four.

Reason being, if you have your Running backs set--everything else will fall in place.

There are the rare years Terrell Owens will find his way to me in Round 3---and in that case you take him.

Another oddity, I always end up with Brian Westbrook. I have no clue why. I'm not an Eagles fan, I'm not a Cowboy Hater, and I certainly am not a Westbrook fan. Face it though, he can play better then 20 other teams starting Running backs.

Over the next week, leading up to my draft, I'm going to try to keep a day by day position by position account of what to draft, and when to draft it. I'd like to see my readers (all 3 of you, not including the owner trying get my strategy) win. Winning breeds Mojo, Mojo Brings Good Cards--- We need more Mojo.

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