Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Want and Haves List

It's come to my attention that Blogspot tends not to give additional pages for different topics.

Hopefully I can edit this post as time moves forward, but only time will tell.

My want lists right now, are very crudely:

2009 Topps Heritage (need most Short Prints).
2,,38,39,42,45,56,74,82,96,114,154,179,200,207, 259, 286, 346, 347, 361, 379, 394, 399,

Short Prints
427,428,429,430,431,433,434,435,436,437,438,439,440,442,443,444,446,447,448,450,451, 452,454,455,457,459,460,461,462,464,467,469,470,471,473,474,477,478,481,482,483,

2009 Upper Deck (I'm pretty close to completion so why not)
509 Doug Slayton
539 Aubrey Huff
601-Brandon Phillips
712-James Loney
746-Carlos Gomez
906-Brandon Boggs
935-Daniel Cabrera
992 Indians Check List
1002-Trevor Cahill
1003 Jordan Schafer

2009 UD Goudey (Close to the base set 220)

Any Mike Piazza Cards in addition to Game Used and Autographs

Any Mike Piazza Cards of him as a Florida Marlin

John Vanbiesbrouck Cards

Marlins Cards and Autographs

Some Sports 8x10's.

I currently have a massive box of UD 2 to sort out, and over 220 2009 Topps Heritage and Inserts to trade to help fill wants. Let me know if theres anything you'd like.


  1. I have a boatload of Mike Piazza cards. Got any Jeters to trade?

    You can email me at yanxchick (at) gmail

  2. Dude i need your email that way i can send you this pic of a mike card i know you don't have!