Saturday, August 8, 2009

Alex Rios Claimed Off Waivers

I'm going to reguratate alot of whats been said, but it's important to note.

Two things, word play isn't cool. Some Smart ass poster decided to call Jeremy Hermida by the flame worthy last name of "Her-Mierda" (Crap in spanish). This supposed Marlins "SuperFan" said Rio's needed to be claimed by the Marlins.

Fat Chance.

There is a better chance of me burning down the completed stadium in 2012 if this move does happen (Don't want him, or his massive contract playing in Miami blocking either Cody Ross, Chris Coghlin, or Cameron Maybin.)

With over 60 Million due to him through 2012, he's a likely bet to spell Melky Cabrera in New York, Gary Sheffield in CitiField, or even Alex Rios himself in Toronto.

One intriguing option is also the Chicago White Sox. They have expressed interest in the past, and could have the funds to take on such a salary.

Through Deductive Reasoning Buster Olney of ESPN has signaled out the White Sox as the claiming team. Basically stating they wanted him before and Dye is a possible FA this year.

Dye and Rios would be salary washes next year and Rios can be a super sub, playing 6 days a week at different positions to give Thome, Dye, Quinton, Posednick, and Konerko time off.

Not to mention he's 28 years old and only looks to play better in a new park/home. The White Sox like his upside.

Edit: Another Option, San Fransico could be the claiming team. Rios has been rumored to be moved there before, and since most GM have a preconceived notion of players they have missed out on, he can still be enamored.

Past deals have been rumored to include Tim "Freak" Lincecum and Matt Cain.

Now, it just might include a Minor Leaguer to be named later or a package of 10 bats.

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