Friday, June 5, 2009

Welcome to Card Cluster

Welcome to Card Cluster---
Over the next few months, I'm slowly going to start developing a portfolio of sorts to determine whether I should continue with a change of Majors in College. I'm going to work through a wide range of sports topics. Topics I plan to stick to are: Sports as a business, as a means for competitiveness, a escape from life, and also the ever growing space between players and their fans. Collecting Cards will be a big topic here and I plan to have numerous guest posters. This by no means will be a one man operation. Although I will play a large role in content, I plan for this to be a place where anyone can speak their mind and get feedback from the masses.

Right now-- My brief history:
I'm a Florida Marlins Fan, but also grew up rooting for my Grandfathers team-The New York Mets. Growing up, My favorite player was Mike Piazza due to his Italian Descent and the fact that Piazza is a cool name to say while at the age of 7.

I'm a Mike Piazza Card collector, and I try to focus on his playing days with the Florida Marlins (all 3 hours of it). Despite the lack of a huge history with the Marlins he has about 25 Cards, which makes it a lot easier to collect.

I'm also a Student at Florida International University (FIU) in Miami, FL You might remember this school from a little scuffle with UM in the Fall of 2007, or the most recent hiring of Isiah Thomas.

My majors as of right now are Criminal Justice and Political Science, but with a slow eye towards law school once I can afford it. Although, now a day's my mind has been drifting. I love to write, have since a young age. No, I've never tried to get published-but it comes natural to me.
Combine that with my love of sports and anything competitive and I've decided to test the waters before the next semester and more than likely beyond.

With my mind somewhat stuck, I want to get a feel for being a broke Sports Journalist--thanks Mr. Lebatard to sparking these creative juices.

It won't be easy, but one things for sure. If this comes naturally, I may just end up a Sports Marketing and Journalism major.

Who knows, I might even be able to develop such a distinctive voice in the sports world that I become synonymous with broadcasting. Don Cherry, Joe Buck, Dan Fouts, and Dennis Miller--look out, the next crappy broadcaster is born right here.


  1. Thanks Moe! I appreciate it.

  2. I'm was a Communications major myself - and my advice is to stick to Criminal Justice! A degree in Journalism does you no good, especially in today's world where it's a dying medium. Either you can write or you can't, and you don't need a degree to write for free. Heck, you're doing it right now! Blogs are quickly taking over newspapers and even mainstream sites as the place people go to for their information. They're so subject specific that it makes "news" reports from unknowledgable reporters obsolete.

    Just my advice, but do whatever you want! For now, utilize twitter, this site, facebook, all of it to get your voice out there. Either way you're going to write for free to start off, why not make the best of it starting with Card Cluster?

  3. Based on a recommendation by the Night Owl, your site has now been added to the Sports Card Blogroll.


    JayBee Anama