Monday, June 8, 2009

Forecast: 75% of Rain, 25% Chance of Respectable Attendence

One of the basic facts of life is the inevitability of rainfall. It's coming, prepared or not.

However Major League Baseball (MLB) really did it this year for the Florida Marlins. As many of us South Floridian's know, come June there is no need to water your grass or plants til October hits. That happens to be the rainy season for Miami.

MLB screwed the Marlins into 3 straight rain delays this weekend, and 7 in the past 10 home games against the Diamondbacks and Giants.

The reason: The Schedule called for the Marlins to spend the last week of April and 3 weeks of May almost exclusively on the road.

Why would MLB not try to work with the Marlins and eliminate the fear of rain for about 15 home games this year.

Sports Progamming tends to make a running joke of the Marlins attendence records as much as the Lions and Pirates ability to actually compete.

They need to realize once and for all, that South Floridian's refuse to pay top dollar for a product that has a 50/50 chance of never seeing the field.

Until the Florida Marlins get their beautiful new Ballpark on what is now the gravesite of the Orange Bowl, the Marlins will never draw more then 12,000 fans a game in the Stadium formerly known as Joe Robbie (Dolphin Stadiun, Dolphins Stadium, Pro Player Park, Pro Player Stadium, Construction Site A).
Note for Out of Towners: Joe Robbie Stadium is a 23 Year old Football Stadium built in 1987 to sustain a Major League Baseball Franchise if ever an opportunity arose. Joe Robbie Stadium seats over 60,000 for football, however it is reduced to 30,000 for baseball. The Marlins were purchased by a businessman who looked to have the Stadium occupied with a tennent year round. Although the Marlins have been sold 3 times in their 20 year history all money generated by Parking, Concessions, Luxury Boxes and Team Shops goes directly to the owner of the Stadium (which is the Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross). Which explains the 2 "Fire Sales".

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