Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Naming Wrong's

Brief and to the point.

Why was it necessary to ruin such a beautiful name for a stadium such as Shea Stadium, Joe Robbie Stadium, or the Skydome?

With such a rich history behind Shea Stadium and the reason why it's named, why would they sell the naming rights to CitiBank? What's Ironic is that it has yet to effect the way those who travel to Queens Borough call the new Ballpark.

I figured I'd give a little free plug today for what I think are some pretty awesome shirts. Over at No Mas, they have devised a cool little T-Shirt Campaign that I plan to purchase a few shirts from. Right now I believe they only have Shea Stadium and Joe Robbie, but eventually they plan to add other cities.

Give them a look. You won't be disappointed in their creativity or design.


  1. From the time I spend working in minor league baseball, I can tell you one thing about stadium naming rights: The money a sponsor is willing to spend to do it is too much to turn down.

    Obviously, fans don't like corporate names, but a lot of front office guys don't either. It' a pain in the ass and does make you feel a bit sleazy. But in the end, money rules all.

  2. So true. I worked with a Minor League team the past month, and let me tell you that if someone were to offer $1,000 to sponsor the 7th Inning Stretch---they'd jump on it in the same breath.

    BTW---that sponsor could be Trojan Condoms or the Klu Klux Klan.