Friday, September 18, 2009

Question? Jersey's: Real or Fake?


You know, there is one question I'd like to ask?

I've apparently bought my own fake from a Team Store without knowing---but I never cared either way.

Those who have "Real" Jerseys, what are your reasons?

Is it the status of owning an expensive jersey in your collection and "Showing it off"?

Is it displaying your pride in ones team?

Or is it being able to point out who's got the good stuff in a crowd and snickering behind their backs when they are out of sight?

Personally, a fake jersey is the same as an authentic---a flag one wears to celebrate their accomplishments or their failures in all it's aesthetic glory.

From the Dodger Blues to the Dolphin Aqua and Orange---what does it matter? Even most fakes are from the same country the Authentics are shipped from, so the line that "Where's the American Pride in buying Chinese Crap?" isn't going to work.

I ask you, whats your reasons?


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